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THE 2016 TOP


     The 2016 list of Top Ten Endangered Historic Sites in Howard County is announced in May, calling for residents, businesses, local officials, and county planners to work together to preserve the county's historic treasurers.


  • Harriet Tubman School

         Preservation Howard County supports the Harriet Tubman Foundation's continued effort for the school to be transferred from the  Howard County School System.  Accomplishment of this long waited promise would provide for an African American Cultural Center exhibiting the history and heritage of Howard County African American contributions.

  • Ellicott City Jail

         This building in the heart of the city’s historic district offers great potential to be adapted for a public building or private business.  The adaptive use of the Baltimore County abandoned jail in Towson as a café could serve as a model for adaptive use and tourist destination.

  • Simpsonville Mill

         This Mill was a commercial center of the Simpsonville community in the mid 1700's.  The Mill ruins and the adjacent property has been transferred from the Maryland Sate Highway Administration to Howard County.  This provides for added protection, preservation and for educational programs by the Robinson Nature Center.  Destructive flooding by the Middle Patuxent River remains a challenge.













  • Lisbon Hotel

    The Lisbon Hotel was on the PHC 2001 and 2002 Endangered Sites list.  The hotel was built by Caleb Pancoast and is reputed to be the oldest surviving building in the village of Lisbon.  In the 1860s, it attracted visitors from Baltimore who arrived by coach and by train.  It also housed a post office in 1851.  The structure was deteriorating rapidly in 2001 and continues to deteriorate.  This hotel is located on the Historic National Road, Route 144.  It is the hopes of PHC that reviving the hotel on our 2016 Endangered Sites list will encourage people in the area to think about the history behind the building and help find ways to renovate and revitilize Lisbon Hotel.

  • Troy

         Troy is a 1600’s land patent by the Honorable John Dorsey of Annapolis.  It was a meeting place in the Revolutionary War where military plans were made in its cellar.  Over the years it has undergone several restorations and now is to be part of the Troy Regional Park.  PHC is concerned how this National Historic Register property will be adapted to preserve its place in Howard County history and shared with the community.  The Howard County Department of Parks and Recreation currently has Troy last on its list of Troy Regional Park projects.













  • Highland Crossroads Community

         The Highland Crossroads Community was established in 1749.

         The present BRX Zoning Law, Business rural Crossroads Commercial Zoning, endangers Highland's unique, historic character by establishing an overwhelming amount of acres which, based on recent development at the Crossroads, could generate approximately 800,00 square  feet, of future additional commercial property without any established need for additional commercial development.

         Today's shopping trend is for significantly less retail space being needed.  People are working and shopping differently locally and around the world.  Vacancy signs are already part of the Highland Crossroads; existing commercial property is underutilized.  None the less, future commercial space surrounding Highland is being planned for development in Fulton, Maple Lawn, Clarksville and Ashton.

         The Howard County Council recently unanimously passed the Interim Development Act, "an appropriate temporary measure to protect rural crossroads communities and to ensure that future commercial zoning regulations in these areas be carefully planned and designed to sustain and enhance the unique character of each rural crossroads community".  The Interim Development Act tables the BRX Zoning until community input is given.  The citizens of Highland are working with the Howard County Department of Planning and Zoning and the Howard County Council (Zoning Board) to establish new commercial zoning laws that will sustain and enhance the unique historic character of the Highland Crossroads Community.



  • Commodore Joshua Barney House

         One of the 39 National Historic Registered properties in Howard County.  It was saved from financial neglect in 1809 by Joshua Barney with his marriage to the widow Coale and served as his home until his death in 1813.  Later it served as the Elmwood Manor School.  The house has had excellent preservation care over the years as a bed and breakfast but unfortunately the property recently has been taken off the market and is in foreclosure.  Every day the property sits vacant, the more at-risk the house becomes as it deteriorates from water damage, mold and many other potential hazards of decline.  There is interest of a concerned citizen to open a health and wellness center in the building. Hopefully, community and others will rally to give this beautifully vacant Historical home a new lease on life.

  • Daisy General Store & Outpost

         Pending sale of the property has the community concerned whether new ownership will result in the loss of this once crossroad community’s historic building.  It remains a reminder and symbol of what was the commerce and social center for dances and pot luck suppers for this small community

  • Rockburn Heritage Park

            Clover Hill was built around 1798.  The brick and frame house with a gable roof is an example of late eighteenth-century architecture with nineteenth-century additions.

         In 2001, the County entered into its first "curatorship" contract based on a similar State program.  The contract is a public/private initiative that seeks to create an adaptive use opportunity for Clover Hill.  That curatorship formally fell through.  The County is actively seeking other opportunities for the restoration and use of the farmhouse.

       The restoration and addition of the Doyle Spring House and Barn buildings to Clover Hill, the Pfieffer Corner School House and the McKenzie Bank Barn will provide an interpretive heritage park setting of buildings representing Howard County’s history.

  • Thomas Viaduct

         Community support is still needed to complete the plans of the Patapsco Heritage Greenway to restore safety railings, create a viewing area and interpretive signage at this significant engineering construction. Information on the plans on fund raising can be made to Executive Directory, Mary Catherine Cochran at 410-615-0425 or